WordPress Website Builder and Custom Theme Development

Technical Baby stands out as a leading provider of WordPress website builder services, offering an exceptional solution for businesses and individuals seeking the best website builder in Seattle. With their expertise, creating your dream website is a breeze. Technical Baby's WordPress website builder competes with industry giants like GoDaddy website builder, ensuring you have a user-friendly, feature-rich platform to bring your online vision to life.

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Navigate the Digital Realm with WooCommerce SEO Consulting Excellence:

Unlock your website's true potential with WooCommerce SEO consulting prowess. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to enhancing your online visibility, strategically infusing your WordPress-powered platform with the optimization it deserves. Harness the power of top-tier WooCommerce SEO strategies to rise through search ranks, ensuring your products and services shine brightly in the digital arena.
What We’re Offering

Services we’re offering to our customers

Lead Generation Websites

Experience the power of a comprehensive online lead generation solution with our digital marketing prowess.

Elevate Your Online Presence

We don't just create websites; we engineer online lead generation powerhouses. Let our digital marketing expertise propel your business forward.

Mobile-First WordPress Web Design.

Crafting websites with a mobile-first approach. Our responsive WordPress designs cater to both small screens and large monitors, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Custom Theme Development

Immerse your audience in a tailored online experience. We refine and construct custom themes to ensure every detail resonates perfectly.

Custom Plugin Development

Harness the potential of plugins to elevate your website's dynamism. As one of the premier WordPress web design agencies, we infuse interactivity into every click.

WooCommerce Development

Unleash captivating e-commerce solutions. From stunning WooCommerce pages to captivating storefronts, we redefine online shopping experiences.

Third Party Tools Integrations

Harmony in tools leads to amplified performance. Our seamless integration ensures your website operates at peak efficiency, even as you rest.

Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Illuminate the path to success with comprehensive analytics and conversion tracking. Witness measurable progress and make informed decisions.

Cross Device and Browser Testing

Your website, your masterpiece. We ensure impeccable performance across all devices and browsers, so your brilliance shines universally.

Website Accessibility and ADA

Forge a website that speaks to all. Accessibility in line with ADA compliance ensures a user-friendly experience for everyone.

HIPAA Website Development

In the realm of protected health information, HIPAA compliance isn't just a choice; it's your assurance. Entrust your vital data to a fortified online presence.

Unleash the Future of Lead Generation

Elevate your digital footprint and transform visitors into leads. Embrace the future with websites that redefine online interactions.

Tailored WordPress Plugins for Your Unique Needs

Experience the ease of managing intricate websites with plugins that adapt seamlessly to your site's requirements. Our team of WordPress web designers specializes in plugin development, ensuring effortless navigation, precision adjustments, and the realization of your WordPress site's full potential. As a dedicated WordPress website design agency, we handle the intricate work of bringing your vision to life, granting you immediate access to your ideal website without the usual complexities.

Explore a Selection of Our Preferred Plugins:

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Craft custom content solutions tailored to your website's specific demands.
  • WPRocket: Elevate your site's performance with optimized caching and speed enhancements.
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks: Enhance your content creation with versatile and advanced Gutenberg blocks.
  • ShortPixel: Optimize images without compromising quality, ensuring efficient loading times.
  • WordFence: Safeguard your website with top-tier security measures and real-time threat detection.
  • LearnDash: Transform your website into an engaging e-learning platform with interactive course content.
  • Gravity Forms: Simplify form creation and management for seamless user interactions.
  • WooCommerce: Unlock the potential of e-commerce with an all-encompassing toolkit for online selling.

WordPress Benefits

  • Empowers users of all skill levels to effortlessly update and publish content and images. Search Engine Optimized
  • Incorporates built-in SEO features to enhance your website’s presence in search engine rankings. Flexible Customization
  • Easily tailor your website's look and functionality using HTML5, CSS3, plugins, and standard web technologies. Responsive Across Devices
  • Adapts seamlessly to laptops, tablets, and smartphones through responsive web design.